Green Nature Hamsters

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Ribero's team of nutritionists and agronomists have formulated a COMPLETE AND BALANCED FOOD that we call Green Nature, made with high-quality products from our lands, and 100% natural, without colorants or preservatives, and with the quantities necessary for a healthy feeding our pet.

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With this mixture we have achieved the analytics that an extorted or granulated product can provide you but only using natural products. For this we have put our components in very different proportions to reach the necessary amounts of protein, fiber and fat.

Contains the appropriate and necessary proportions of each of the staples of the hamster food pyramid.

This mixture naturally meets the needs of your pet.

Contains no modified organisms.

Naturally helps wear teeth.

Avoid monotony due to its composition with more than 20 different products.

All the products that make up the mix are selected top quality products.

With this mixture we provide a healthy, natural and balanced diet with all the essential components of the nutritional pyramid of your pet.


Spelled, Oats, Flaked Oats, Barley, Flaked Barley, Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Corn, Flaked Corn, Pea, Pea Flakes, Carob, Quinoa, Calendula, Plantain, Carrot, Zucchini, Papaya, Pistachios, Hazelnuts, Almonds and Walnuts.

8% of nuts: they are energetic and very nutritious foods. Among its nutritional properties stand out its content in healthy fats such as the well-known omega-3 fatty acids.

7% fruits and vegetables: they are highly appreciated by squirrels as they contain a large amount of vitamins and regulate their intestinal transit, thus avoiding constipation.

85% of cereals and seeds: cereals are found in flakes, thus offering better organoleptic characteristics, which increase their digestibility and appetite.

With this we offer the ideal diet for hamsters, since it is composed of more than 20 different products, which will provide them with great fun while they are eating in a healthy and balanced way.

How to use:

Concentrated foods must be given in small amounts to our pets, although it all depends on the composition of the food.


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