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Coco fiber litter Ribero is an innovative coconut fiber litter ideal for rabbits, rodents, reptiles and other small animals.

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It is a 100% Natural product, which only contains vegetable coconut fiber. Due to its naturalness it is ideal for the health (it is not appetizing) and the hygiene of these small animals. It is an easy-to-use product, both during bed preparation due to its easy uniform distribution and maintenance (solid excrement easily removable), the rest of the product remains soft, dry and absorbs bad odors. After use it can be used as a fertilizer for plants as it is rich in organic substances.

Bedding for small animals.

100% biodegradable vegetable fiber.

No chemicals, no smell or dust.

Strong power against odors

Maximum fluid absorption and retention.

Does not adhere to hair.

It does not require daily maintenance, the surface always stays dry thanks to its high absorption capacity, it is a guarantee of the complete elimination of odors and the absence of dust.

HEALTHY AND HYGIENIC: It is always dry and free of dust or chemicals that can be harmful to animals. It is ideal for animals prone to allergies.

SUPER ABSORBENT: The natural coconut fiber absorbs urine, traps bad odors and keeps the base of the cage dry and comfortable, thus creating a soft and natural substrate that provides well-being for your pet.

How to use:

The product must be recalled once a week, but it can last much longer. It depends on the type of pet we put it on or the space it has.


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