Hay with Flowers

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It is the essential food, due to its high fiber content, for rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, chinchillas, hamsters and squirrels. It should be offered freely available on a daily basis.

Henos Hay with flavors
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It is the essential complement to your pet's diet.

Hay with flowers helps wear teeth naturally.

La Esparceta provides tannins in its cells and combined with proteins, the hay does not produce gas or flatulence in the pet.

Chamomile is antispasmodic, sedative and together with Calendula and Rose are digestion stimulants and fight intestinal parasites.

Its high content of insoluble fiber promotes intestinal function, contributes to better digestion, acts as an antioxidant and is an immune system enhancer. < / p>

Complementary food composed of 60% Festuca hay, 10% Safflower, 10% Calendula, 10% Rose and 10% Chamomile.

Hay dried in the sun not dehydrated, which avoids the destruction of protein while preserving all the natural smell and taste of hay.

Ribero produces, collects, stores and presents Flores hay with the proper care to obtain a high quality product, thus preserving all its properties, texture and flavor to the maximum.

Presented in a long branch guaranteeing minimum breakage. Packaged without pressing, preserving its soft texture and avoiding dust in the container.

Nutritional value:

- Protein b. minimum ………………… 15.50%

- Fiber b. minimum …………………… ... 22.30%

How to use:

Administer freely available each day as the main complementary food. It must be placed in a feeder keeping it clean and fresh. Do not forget to always leave fresh and clean water available to your pet.


Specific References

Begoña Polanco Arconada

Heno con flores

El heno es fundamental y si encima lleva flores.... Ya es esquisto para ellos!!!

María del Carmen Ramírez Medina

No nos puede faltar

El heno de flores tiene una base nutricional esencial en la salud de nuestros peques y el de Ribero es de la mejor calidad que nunca hemos visto. Una gran multitud de flores intercaladas entre el heno, hacen que nuestros pequeños busquen y coman más heno facilitando así una nutrición más correcta y una digestión sana para ellos.<br /> En la alimentación de nuestro pequeño, en casa no nos miramos, siempre cogemo Ribero

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